Mayfair Series F

Design, Service, Quality and Cost are the foundations of our business.
Mayfair Brassware are at the cutting edge of our industry and always designing and manufacturing products they know their customers will want at a price they can afford.
Mayfair Brassware
are always looking to provide our customers with innovative product design and trends are at the core of our foundations.

Mayfair Brassware
are constantly working to improve our customer service. Our dedicated sales team has been carefully selected for their industry experience and knowledge. They work across the UK and are readily available to help our customers. Mayfair Brassware have a fully trained technical team to assist customers with any customer care enquiries.

Quality is a key part of the Mayfair Brassware ethos. All aspects of the Mayfair Brassware business are monitored, supervised and checked by a team Quality Control Managers both in the UK and China. All Mayfair employees are accountable meaning quality is of constant priority for everyone.
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