Ideal Standard Attitude
Ideal Standard Attitude, minimalist soft edge design is aesthetic and functional: Environmentally and “wallet”-friendly: Thanks to Ideal Standard’s innovative CLICK technology, the new Attitude range shines ecologically as well as economically. The models with CLICK cartridges save up to 50 percent of water thanks to the ECO Stop function. The models with waterfall outflow are fitted with a flow regulator, which reduces water use to five liters per minute! These features can help contribute to the environment and save money at the same time! Additional thermostat models can also reduce hot water usage according to choice.
Ideal Standard has equipped a range of taps with its COOL BODY technology – not just for thermostats but also for single lever taps (basin, shower and bath shower). This prevents the overheating of the tap, even when hot water is running. The tap can be touched at any time without danger of burning, ensuring optimal safety.
Ideal Standard Attiude offers a range of taps, which offer enhanced safety, whilst at the same time providing maximum comfort. All wash basin taps are available with either a Classic, rounded water flow or with a spa-inspired Waterfall aerator: air is inserted into the waterfall and softens the water stream for a splash-free flow. Aerators actually restrict the water flow from the tap without reducing water pressure so they are a great way of reducing the amount of water used. Both the Classic and Waterfall jets are concealed within a chrome plated, changeable inlay integrated into the underside of the tap. As a result of their unique design, the aerators give a clean, splash-free stream of water and can be switched after installation.
Ideal Standard International has added patented direct wall connections so that there is no risk of soaking behind. As there are no visible fixing screws there is also no risk of any dirt build-up. Integrating the diverter in the bath and shower model improves the cleaning process and thanks to the snap-in system, its inlays can be easily removed without need for any special tools and easily cleaned in a dishwasher, before being replaced.

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