Mira Vision

Mira, Mira Vision, Easy to use, stylish, multiple settings, safe for all the family and wireless control access – the Mira Vision Shower has everything.

There are few things that make you want to get out of bed in a morning but the innovative Mira Vision Shower is one such thing. In fact it starts to warm up whilst you snooze.

Convenience is key to the appeal of the Mira Vision Shower. The remote control and programmable functions ensure that your shower is always tailored to you, your schedule and your preferences.
These are supported by a digital clock so that you never lose track of time whilst you are enjoying your shower and the innovative warm-up mode that can be set to suit you and so you aren’t wasting any time in the morning. Speaking of waste, there is also an eco-setting so that you don’t use unnecessary amounts of water, plus thermostatic temperature stability ensures that showering is safe for all the family.

Whilst the functionality has helped to set the Mira Vision Shower apart from many other models, at the end of the day the best possible showering experience is what we are looking for. One of the most striking features of the Mira Vision Shower is the Mira 360 showerhead. The four different spray settings allow you to enjoy the type of shower your mood reflects.

Through one simple flip action you can start to enjoy a totally different showering experience.

Finally, and on the issue of flexibility, the Mira Vision Shower comes in chrome and black and has the option of a high-pressure valve for mains pressurised systems or combination boilers or a pumped valve for low pressure or gravity fed systems. Plus it is easy and quick to install.

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