Mira Adept Collection

MiraMira Adept is perfect for those customers who prefer the integrated look of a built-in mixer. What’s more, each and every aspect of this fantastic new range has been carefully considered with you, the installer, in mind. In fact, the Mira Adept is easier to installer than almost all other built-in valves while, at the same time, delivering unbeatable performance and providing a minimal and sleek finish to any shower area.

So, what makes the Mira Adept such a great mixer?
Miniature valve body with back-plate
The valve is smaller than normal, so the wall opening needed is also much smaller.
We’ve also included a plastic back-plate to help make it easier to mount to the wall or stud.
Variable valve building in depth
The valve can be adjusted to fit a depth of 51mm - 70mm for more flexibility when fitting.
2nd fix tile-mounted outlet
Where the hose connects to a right angled connector is a push-fit connection for an easy and completely secure fixing to the wall outlet.
Adjustable fittings
So you can match the screw holes up to the grout lines for a tidy finish. And, with large, long life filters and a replaceable cartridge, servicing is easy too.
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