Mira Showers

Mira, Mira Showers, established over 80 years ago and recently acquired by Kohler Co, a leading American manufacturer of bathroom and kitchen products, Mira Showers and Rada Controls are market leaders in their field. With a product range sold throughout over 40 countries worldwide, Mira Showers satisfy the needs of both the domestic and commercial shower user.
Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Mira has been the leader in technology since the launch of the World's first ever thermostatic shower back in 1937. Initially these mixer showers were extensively used in shower facilities such as schools, hospitals and in industry. However, in 1959, Mira developed the first thermostatic mixer shower designed to cope with the unique UK domestic water supplies. It was this major event that launched Mira into the domestic showering market and established Mira as the household name it is today.
Mira Showers reputation has been built upon innovative design, quality engineering and rigorous attention to detail. These attributes are combined with an after sales service considered as "second to none" in the industry.
Click on the Mira Shower Ranges below to start purchasing your "AfforDoble" Mira Shower System.
Mira Shower Enclosures & Bath Screens

Quality shower enclosures & bath screens from Mira delivered direct to your door.
Mira Shower Trays

So comfortable to stand on, so reassuringly reliable, Mira shower trays leave other trays standing.
Mira Flight Wall Panels

The walls are strong, durable and leak proof using patented Mira Flight technology so you can enjoy for years
Mira Aspect Taps

Everything about Mira taps has been meticulously designed and crafted.
Mira Platinum

Experience ultimate control at your fingertips with our easy to use
Mira Vision

Beautifully designed and easy to use, this wireless digital shower has got it all - innovation and great looks.
Mira Agile

Unique to the new Mira Agile is a range of fantastic, contemporary accessories designed to help you create a shower that is tailored to you and your needs.
Mira Adept

The Mira Adept is perfect for those customers who prefer the integrated look of a built-in mixer.
Mira Excel

The UK’s best selling mixer shower. Packed with features Excel is Mira's best performing mixer and is the choice of the professional installer.
Mira Miniluxe

Mini size. Maximum performance. Iconically designed; the fully rigid riser and 20cm deluge showerhead make a real statement.
Mira Miniduo

Small on the outside. Big on the inside. It may be small on size but when it comes to features, it really packs a punch.
Mira Realm

Traditional Styling. Modern showering. Classically designed with elegant lines, rigid riser and deluge showerhead. Mira Realm offers traditional styling with modern showering technology and performance.
Mira Select

Perfect for the style and safety conscious. With stylish looks, thermostatic control and great performance at low pressures, it is a fantastic choice for any bathroom and is safe for all the family.
Mira Silver

Beautifully simple in every way. Bringing both thermostatic temperature and flow control onto one simple to use dial, it makes showering beautifully simple, and stunningly affordable.
Mira Element

Simply affordable. Enjoy showering simplicity with an easy to use single control. You’ll love the price too.
Mira Coda

Great shower. Great price. Mira Coda EV offers intuitive design and a great performance at an affordable price.
Mira Event XS

Bursting with performance. Brings safe, powerful showering and practical features to your bathroom.
Mira Galena

It’s not just a pretty fascia. With minimal looks and packed with technology, it combines stunning style and great performance.
Mira Escape

The perfect place to escape to. Stunning, up-to-the-minute design mixed with thermostatic technology delivers performance and safety to any bathroom.
Mira Advance

The perfect temperature all day, every day. Bringing you safe, precise, thermostatically controlled showering for complete peace of mind.
Mira Sport

The next generation is here. With a great new look and improved fittings, new Mira Sport is still as reliable, easy to fit and easy to use as ever.
Mira Orbis

Smooth Move. Mira Move is the perfect replacement for electric showers that accept water connections from the right.
Mira Vigour

True invigoration. The perfect blend of performance and price.
Mira Jump

Designed with space & flexible installation in mind
Mira Vie

High spec. Low price. Combines an invigorating shower with great value for money.
Mira Shower Pumps

Mira Shower Pumps, a domestic twin impeller inlet shower pump used to simultaneously boost hot and cold supplies.
Mira Shower Kits

A range of styles to compliment any bathroom. Slide bar, clamp bracket, hose retaining ring, showerhead and hose all in one box - everything you need to upgrade your shower.
Mira Shower Heads

Whether you’re looking for a fixed, multi-mode or power showerhead, Mira have the model to match. Mira also has a range of problem solver showerheads specially designed to save water or prevent limescale build-up.
Mira Accessories

From soap dishes to shower hoses to shower seats, with Mira you can add whatever you need to create your ideal shower.
Mira Shower Seat

Mira shower seats are comfortable and stylish and neatly fold-away making them ideal for use in or out of the showering area.