Doblini Wetroom Soloutions

Doblini Bathrooms. Doblini Wetroom Soloutions, Doble Bathrooms the ultimate wake up in the morning, nothing beats a shower! Here at Doble Bathrooms we have selected the best components for added reliability, performance and design. 

• The DuraDec system is designed for fast, straightforward installation
• Wetroom tray can be cut to size
• British manufactured tray available in 19 sizes
• Built-in gradient falls for easy tiling and removal of water
• The tray is only 22mm thick so there’s no step-up into the wetroom area, making it ideal for wheelchair users
• Wetroom tray is 22mm thick to sit flush with the rest of the area
• Tray made from strong glass reinforced plastic to support loads of up to 470kg over standard joist sizes
• Purus MiniMax drain is BBA approved and removes water at 48 litres per minute
• Drain includes NOOD no-odour trap and can be easily removed for cleaning
• Can be used in a residential, commercial and healthcare setting
Please follow the 4 easy steps to create your ultimate wetroom waterproof shower area from Doble Bathrooms: