Impey Aqua Dec Easy Fit Collection 
EasyFit - the strongest wetroom floor former we have ever created.

Innovation is our lifeblood, we pioneered wet room floor formers with a built in gradient in 1999 and have now revolutionised the wet room industry. Say goodbye to time consuming over complicated installations and hello EasyFit. EasyFit has been engineered and manufactured to deliver a product that makes installation of wet room floors faster and easier.
Under boarding is no longer necessary with the EasyFit Dec
EasyFit solves the potential installation problem of the drainage point being obstructed by joists within timber floors. A unique, patent protected drainage feature allows the installer to rotate the drain aperture to any position that will avoid the joist or any other under floor obstruction. Simply place EasyFit where it will be installed and if the drain aperture interferes with a joist, just rotate the centre section until it is clear and fit the trap.
All Impey Aqua-Dec Easy Fit Trays are supplied with a DSS1/H Tiled Floor Gully Horizontal Outlet as standard
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