Matki Illusion Offset Quintesse
Matki, Matki Illusion Offset Quintesse, introducing the stunning Quintesse enclosure from the New Illusion range. The New Illusion Quintesse presents an exciting innovation in enclosure design with minimal framing and large solid safety glass panels cleverly held in place by Matki’s non-slip hinges and discreet channel in the slimline tray.  - The solid safety glass is innovatively recessed into the tray with a water tight seal, eliminating the need for silicon sealant along the glass and tray junction. - The clever Non-Slip hinge not only looks fantastic but supports the solid glass time and time again for a flawless closure.- The beautiful new handle is the perfect compliment to the large glass panels. The soft return handle is not only easy to use and functional, it provides a sense of stunning continuity between hinge and handle.

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