Saneux Bathroom Collection  
Saneux. Saneux Bathrooms, vitreous china, better known as ceramic, is a beautiful, impervious, shiny, durable surface which maintains its beauty for many years despite constant use. It dates back to ancient Egypt  where their crudely-formed rough washbowls, pitchers and toilet bowls (ahem) were cutting edge technology and leaders in world design (strange but true).
Over the many centuries the manufacturing of ceramic has been perfected until now a machine knocks out more than 200 WCs per day: with 0.02% tolerance, it has become an art . . . the great achievement of countless silky, hygienic surfaces with a cutting edge look.
Here at Saneux, we produce ceramics for your bathroom which clean beautifully, sparkle effortlessly, and . . . . . . we have introduced the joy of minimalism into the bathrooms of millions, establishing us as a market leader.
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