22" Tilevision Bathroom Television With Mirror Finish Screen

The 22” TileVision is a waterproof digital LCD television - designed, manufactured and tested in the UK for use in high humidity and wet areas. Available in black or mirror glass finish to complement the decor of any bathroom.

With a design as stunning as its picture and sound quality, and a multitude of multimedia capabilities to enhance your bathroom entertainment options, the 22” TileVision will enrich your life.

The 22" Widescreen LCD Digital Television gives you . . .
Built-in Digital Freeview gives access to over 40 Freeview TV and Radio channels, 8 day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and digital interactive services.
HD Satellite (DVB-S2)
Satellite tuner receives all free-to-air television and radio.
PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Function and multimedia playback.
Digitally record and playback TV and radio with move, photo and music playback capability via USB.
22” LCD Screen
A superb 22” Widescreen picture is provided by the high contrast, high brightness, LED backlit LCD panel with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and wide viewing angles (89/89/89/89).
Full HD
HD TV LogoHigh Definition Television, or HDTV, is a standard of TV with better quality picture and sound. HDTV offers more colours and a higher resolution picture making images clearer sharper, more detailed and very lifelike.

TileVision accepts 480i to 1080i/1080p signals from external equipment, such as blu-ray DVD Players via the HDMI and Component (Y, Pb, Pr) Video Inputs.
Built-in Sky magic eye IR Link System

The Infra Red receiver inside the TileVision will receive the IR signal from a SKY remote control and send it back down the aerial cable to the SKY box. So if you connect a SKY box via the RF2 output to the TileVision aerial input, the SKY programmes can be viewed on the Analogue part of the tuner, and full control of the SKY system is available via either a SKY remote or the included splashproof learning remote.
RS232 Control
The RS 232 port enables the TileVision to be controlled from a Home Automation system with individual codes for all AV Inputs, ON, OFF and all standard functions - ideal for Custom Installers!
Infra Red IN/OUT capability
The built-in TileVision IR Receiver can pass on IR codes to external equipment either directly via the RJ12 socket, or via the 3.5mm IR OUT jack socket to an IR emitter. IR codes can also be received into the TileVision via the RJ12 socket or an IR receiver connected to the 3.5mm IR IN jack socket.

These features allow control of external STB’s, DVD players, Hotel TV Systems via the TileVision, and control of the TileVision from external equipment using IR codes.
Multiple AV inputs
22” TileVision has a multitude of AV Inputs allowing connection to a wide selection of external equipment and Home Automation / Entertainment systems.
HDMI, Component (Y, Pb, Pr), SCART (Full), PC and Composite Video, Audio L/R, PC D-Sub input and PC Audio In
Heated 6mmToughened Glass Screen
BS 6202 Toughened Safety GlassThe 6mm thick toughened safety glass screen is heated to ensure the picture is clear of condensation in high humidity areas such as bathrooms.
Mirror or Black Glass Finishes

22” TileVision  is available a choice of Mirror or Black glass finishes to complement the decor of any bathroom.  The mirror finish option transforms from a tinted mirror when the TileVision is OFF to a TV when switched on – the ultimate compromise between technology and interior design.
Learning Splashproof Remote Control and Holder
Waterproof remote control and holderThe learning splashproof remote offers full control of the 22” TileVision and is supplied with a clear wall mounting holder to ensure it is readily available at all times. It has an IP67 waterproof rating and is designed for use with wet hands.

The 3 in 1 remote control allows the user to control the TileVision plus two other external AV sources, for example a Satellite / Cable Receiver Box and DVD player.
It is pre-programmed with over 2000 codes for TV’s, Satellite Receivers and DVD players. Auto search or direct entry makes it easy to select the pre-programmed brands

IR codes from any other IR Remote Control can be copied with the head to head learning function and assigned to any button.
Hi Quality Stereo Sound from a single in ceiling speaker
Speaker and GrilleThe 22” TileVision provides Hi-Fi quality sound from a single stereo speaker, which is usually mounted into the ceiling. The left and right stereo channels are combined into a 6.5“ single in-ceiling water resistant speaker, specially designed for use in bathrooms where installing 2 separate speakers is often unpractical. The speaker has a low profile and stylish design and can even be painted to match the colour of the ceiling or wall where it has been installed.
Stainless Steel Backbox for a true flush fit into a tiled, marble or plastered wall

Stainless Steel BackboxThe backbox can be installed into a stud or solid wall and is designed so that the front face of the backbox is exactly flush with the front face of the tile, marble or plastered wall. The fixing brackets allow the backbox to slide forwards and backwards even after the tiles have been fitted, so a true flush finish can be achieved. Depth of the backbox is 75mm from the front face of the tile , marble or plastered wall.
CE Approved with an independently tested IP65 rating

CE Tested and ApprovedTileVision products are submitted to Independent test authorities for CE safety, Ingress Protection and EMC approval. The products conform to the protection requirements of Council Directive 2004/108/EEC relating to electromagnetic compatibility and Council Directive 2006/95/EC relating to safety requirements. Safety test has been realised within the Norm IP65.

If you are using the TileVision in a bathroom or kitchen, the surround makes the TileVision harmonise even more with the bright chrome and stainless steel of other fitments, without detracting from the picture by having a bright, reflective surface immediately next to the screen.

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22" Tilevision Bathroom Television With Mirror Finish Screen
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